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Our Philosophy

St. Paul Early Childhood Center adheres to the philosophy of educating the “whole child” soul, mind, and body. The goal is to provide the children with the opportunity to grow and learn at their own rate and in their own way.


We believe in the academic/developmental approach of educating the child. The developmental approach is based on the assumption that a child’s growth is sequential in nature and an orderly process involving spiritual, physical, emotional, social, language and cognitive growth, but that each child is a unique individual.


Being developmentally appropriate with a 3-5 year old child involves learning through “play” and “hands-on activities.” Children are introduced to growth concepts and encouraged to try out their ideas with emphasis on the process rather than the product. They are given opportunities to interact with other children and adults in both large and small group settings, as well as on an individual basis to enhance their communication skills and social growth. Small group instruction will be planned with specific growth goals in mind.


The classroom climate is relaxed, inviting and warm so that the needs of each child can be met. The children are guided positively so that they can become responsible and caring individuals who are self-motivated, social and self-controlled